Unique places to stay

We have stayed in so many hotels and appartments in different countries. What attracts us is the uniqueness of each place we stay and the services they provide. We will list down places that are unique in experience irrespective of whether it is a hotel or hostel or apartment.

Silks Place Taroko (Taiwan)

What attracted us most to this property is its location. In a national park amidst the sounds of gushing water-flow, rustling trees, chirping birds and buzzing insects lies this 5 star property reasonably priced with lots of extra services that are provided free of cost.


Things to do at the hotel

Entertainment – Everyday there is a new activity provided by the hotel for adults and kids. Our days started with Yoga session or Aboriginal Aerobic Dance or cooking classes for adults and children and Nights would end with live Guzheng music or aboriginal dance performance or musical nights. Some classes are paid but most of them are free of cost.

Relaxation – The property has an infinity pool and jacuzzis where you can enjoy a ginger tea or your favorite cocktails along the pool side and enjoy the silence around. The nights are made more interesting with movie under the stars at the roof top.


Sightseeing – The hotel itself is located in the center of the national park. There are many options to explore the national park. If you prefer a guided tour, the hotel has morning and evening tours that costs approx. 500NT. If not there is a network of public transportation around the national park for easy conveyance. Taroko national park has huge rocky mountains and it is advisable to wear a helmet when you walk in the national park because of falling rocks.

How to get there

Catch a TRA train from Taipei main station to Hualien station. The hotel is around 45 mins drive from Hualien station.


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