Incredible place in Europe that you never heard of : Ærø Island

When you reach the shores of Ærø from a frantic city life, be prepared to come back again. Clear sky, clean air and starry night- A fresh start to your everyday life.

This breathtaking danish island is closer to Copenhagen and cannot be reached by bridge. We rented a car from Copenhagen airport through Europcar and after a blissful 48 hour trip through Copenhagen we took a ferry from Fynshav to Ærø. Ferry can take your car so don’t worry about it. It took an hour to reach the island but the ferry was equipped with cafeteria and useful guidebooks so we grabbed some coffee and chalked this plan.

Ærøskøbing – This is a fairytale town with cobbled streets lined with colorful walls, narrow alley and small doll size houses. Apart from its colorful environment, this town continues living a serene life.

Accommodation at Ærø 

Hotels in Ærø are as cozy as the Island. We stayed at Hotel Aroma where our host Clause would make lovely breakfast and keep it ready as per our wake up time. A very cozy place that feels just like home.

Hotel Aroma



Things to do and see 

This island is very photogenic with its romantic small villages and its golden age landscape. You can cycle around the whole island or just take the free bus that will pass every hour.

Beach side at Ærøskøbing

Along the coast from Ærøskøbing to Skoyby you will find undisturbed sandy and pebbled beaches. You can enjoy beautiful sunset in the evening or make a bonfire and experience the beauty of this outstanding island.

We didn’t have much time to explore the island fully but we have posted some pictures below on the places we visited in this stunning Island:


Danish food – Fiskefrikadeller


The Manor House – Søbygaard, Aeroe


Area near Saint Albert’s Church




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