About us

We are travelers with regular life like everyone else where we work full time and have our daily chores. We spent our life educating ourselves and working hard but now we want to explore the world and do something we love – It could be travel, music, photography, craft, drawing or anything new that we haven’t thought of. With magical city we want to take a first step towards knowing ourselves better and in the journey share experience and inspirations with you.

Amanda Gonsalves

Travel is a sense of fulfilment to me. I get a thrill in finding unique places, adrenal rush to try a new adventure, and a deep joy of exploring nature. I spend hours and hours online to find one best spot to try. I write contents for this website and always curious to learn more about what people would love to read.

Geom Xavier

Photography and music have always been my life’s passion. And the best way to hold my passion close to me is by travelling. I get a sense of absolute joy by capturing that perfect moment, being at the perfect spot at the right time or enjoying the culture and making new friends wherever we go.

What will you find at Magical city?

Magical city has all the details – Itineraries, accommodation suggestion, tips on budget, food to try, sport to try etc.

Why do we travel?

We all have busy 365 days in a year but just one life to make most of it and with magical city, we decided to spend some time to travel around the world and see places in real. We don’t travel full time. We spend our holidays trying to travel as much as possible.